Types of Limousines as per Capacity

Here of the list of limousines for travel and tours: 12 Passenger Limo Car: This is perfect single family car. The family can easily manage the space. The Lincoln Navigator and Ford Expedition, both are twelve passenger limos. It is also available for tourism. The company has varying charges for its rent. These are generally available in white and black. The pink color is also offered on clients wish. The Limo Service Toronto is available on rent, handle by the professional chauffeur.

 14 Passenger limo Automobile: Excursion limo is generally 14 seats. Its models are updated per year. This is not a bus bit a car. It is an exclusive vehicle to transport the large family. This is hired for the wedding parties. Mostly, it is rented for the bachelor and bachelorette parties. The status of the family is shown to whole colleagues and friends.

 18 Passenger Limo: This has a comparatively more capacity. This is of many types. Whenever you discuss about the limo, you must know the term hummer. This is 18 sitter hummer limousine. This is also not the bus. It is in the category of cars. The hummer limo is like a jeep. It is very nice and luxurious sedan and drove by the chauffeur. It is the ultimate stretch limo. It also has an exceptional hot bath tub. The Cadillac Escalade Limo and Suburban limo are of the same category.

20 Sitter Limo Bus: Yes, by the name you can guess, here we will read about the limo bus. This is for the whole family, including your uncle’s families. These are the most expensive and stylish vans. For the family it is used in Toronto. For the annual fairs and wedding it is hired. It has more space to be settled down in style. The mainly used are Party bus and Executive Limo bus.

30 Passenger Bus: It is relatively less available because its demand is comparatively lesser than others. The most common is Part bus.

40-56 Passenger Coach: These are the trolleys to move on from one city to another. This is hired for colleges and university tours. The students prefer to go an exclusive ride in order to get the warm welcome. These busses are very furnished and supply almost everything of need.

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