3 Unfair Trucking Policies That Will Blow Your Mind

Alicia Keys wasn’t kidding when she sang about New York and said that the city is a “Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of.” Truly, New York is the place to be if a person wants their dreams to come true. A lot of high profile companies often reside in the Big Apple. These companies include Macy’s, Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), and even the NBA are enterprises that are all based in New York.

The common thing that binds all these companies is that they all use trucks in some way to deliver their intended products to people all around the world. These companies employ drivers who pass through rigorous tests to ensure that no accidents and mishaps occur.

Despite businesses following strict rules on compliance, a lot of drivers and truckers often get into trouble because of company negligence. Drivers often get the blame when accidents happen. People often ignore the fact that a trucker is merely doing their job and that unfair company policy can inadvertently cause an accident. Here is a look at those policies.

  • Unrealistic deadlines are the reason why most drivers carelessly speed up. They speed up to the point that they break state laws. Speeding up can significantly increase the chance of an accident happening, as it makes drivers quickly lose control of such a heavy vehicle.
  • Unforeseeable Weather conditions are things that are “out of the driver’s hands.” Sometimes business owners often force reluctant truckers to drive through poor weather conditions. A lot of drivers often think that they are breaching company policies if they refuse, and instead, they drive on, eventually causing accidents.
  • Unreasonable working hours often make drivers fall asleep while on the wheel. Companies should stress the need for rest because the lives of countless people near a drowsy driver are always in jeopardy.


Unfair company policies often lead to untoward incidents involving drivers and their trucks. Unreasonable working hours, for example, become a health hazard for a driver which can endanger his/her life, including the lives of others nearby.

Companies should make their employees feel safe while keeping them inspired in continuing a job well done. After all, Alicia and all the other hardworking people couldn’t have said it better: “These Streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you.”

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