3 tips before renting a luxury car

Posted on April 18, 2017 by in Autos
Renting a luxury car is an experience everyone would like to try at least once in their lives, if for no other reason than experiencing the thrill of getting behind the wheel of a much dreamed supercar.

Vroomerz is an online platform that allows you to rent the luxury car of your choice, all with total peace of mind and security, even for those who have never rented a car before.

So what are the 3 tips to follow when you rent a luxury car?

  1. Ask for the original photos of the car.

When preparing the quote for the luxury car rental of your choice, always ask for a copy of some original, authentic photos of the vehicle requested. Anyone can pull a generic picture from the internet, but taking a real photo of the actual vehicle requested by the customer is something you can only do if you effectively own the item.

So in the case the luxury car rental company actually owns the required model, they will have no trouble sending some photos and, consequently, you don’t run the risk of receiving a car that has not nothing to do with what you requested and paid for.

Vroomerz displays each car with its real photo so that you can hire the luxury car that you like the most aesthetically and, above all, you are guaranteed of the choice you make.

  1. Check the car’s registration.

Each car used for hire purposes requires a special type of registration, which certifies the car’s possibility to be rented. The same applies therefore for the rental of a luxury car, which must be registered with the words “vehicle to be rented by third parties without drivers” rather than “own use” which is the standard wording on personal vehicles.

When your luxury car is delivered, or if you pick it up yourself at the beginning of the rental, check that all the necessary documentation to circulate is present, insurance, stamp duty and registration certificate, and, in the latter case, verify that the registration bears the wording “vehicle to be rented by third parties without drivers”. A reliable rental company for luxury cars will not give you any problems if you ask to inspect such documents. Renting a car that is not registered properly can lead to the vehicle being impounded. Therefore, it is the company’s concern to ensure that all its cars are correctly registered.

In Vroomerz’s fleet you will only find cars registered with “vehicle to be rented by third parties without drivers”, so as to ensure luxury car rentals with peace of mind.

  1. Check the year of registration.

Each car needs to be registered to be roadworthy. Registration deems whether a car is suitable for circulation. Checking the year of registration is an important point to understand the age of a car and its state of wear. What’s more, the year of registration will also tell you if the car you rented is the manufacturer’s latest model, thus avoiding the disappointment of renting a luxury car that is no longer the latest on the road.

On Vroomerz, each car has a dedicated profile where, amongst the variety of information about the individual vehicle, you can also ascertain its year. Therefore, for your luxury car rental you can also understand the car’s condition, as well as checking whether it is indeed the latest model.

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