Check out the best way to sell your car online

Posted on March 25, 2018 by in Auto
In any city of India selling your used car or exchanging your used car with a new one can be a tiresome process if one does not follow the exact procedures that one should follow. They might fall in trap of a dealer who cheats or even there are times when the seller sells it off to a buyer who is into illegal activities. One must take into account a proper knowledge about the buyer, seller or from where it is being exchanged and who is exchanging.The first foremost step is old car valuation. One needs to go to any car valuation online site and type in all the details of your car, mileage covered etc and check the car valuation. The car valuation tool that is available is provides accurate second hand car valuation.Secondly clean up your car completely. Remove all your things, fix any part if it needs to, wash it and if needed colour it too.

Thirdly take ample of photographs from all angles of the car both interior and exterior and post it in the site with all the information needed to give about the car.

Fourthly deal with the buyers alone. Do not let a third person come in between because he will charge commission for his task.

Fifthly the buyers will bargain for the price but since you have already checked the value of your car and you have spent money in repairing and other stuffs include that money in the selling price and keep a little profit and say the price and stick to it. No matter how much the buyer bargains do not sell the car without keeping a profit because in future you will get more buyers. Further keep all the documentation ready for the car.

Ownership, registration, service papers and whatever documentation you have about the item. When the buyer comes to visit and see the car keep it in a proper condition so that the customer is attracted to the item in first sight. Then point all the positive things about the car, do not miss out any single detail. If the customer agrees to buy then handover the documents after he has paid the full amount.

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