5 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Mazda Car

Posted on January 25, 2018 by in Auto
If you are an owner of a world-class vehicle like Mazda, you need not worry too much about its maintenance and need to frequent the repair shop only once in a while. But at the same time if you are a rigorous driver and driving isn’t just a necessity but a passion for you, then even a Mazda vehicle can appear as worn out. To bring back the dashing look and its performance back to normal, a few DIY tricks with a handful of home ingredients can save your day.From the experts at the Seaside Mazda dealerships, we got to know about these everyday items that can do so much good to your car:Nail Polish Are Made to Fill Small Glass CracksThe car’s windshield or the windows are the most delicate parts of the car. None of these arts can be kept unattended if there is a crack or even small scratch marks spread on them. While it is a known fact that these have to get replaced immediately, however, not every time you can have the scope to take them straight to the repair shop. But as crack windshields would block your vision, a temporary fix would be necessary. And it can be done with the help of some nail polish before it starts spreading all over.Toothpaste Is Meant to Clean Head Lights

After a long drive, head lights can turn yellow and look foggy, a good amount of toothpaste can be used to clean the surface of the headlight glass and the original glossy transparent look would return in no time. Though it might not be able to bring out the professional touch, it would save your time, if there is a sudden drive ahead.

CD Cleaners Can Clean Sticky Surfaces

Sometimes the stickers would leave some adamant sticky residues which start collecting dust and create an ugly look on the surface. To wipe them off use some alcohol based thinner like a CD cleaner or nail polish remover with a cloth for glass surfaces but for painted surfaces you need to use a sticker-residue-remover as thinners can damage the paint.

Olive Oil Can Polish Your Dashboard

As dashboard is the most used part of the car interior, it loses its charm too often because of the frequent usage and the sun glare. Some garden variety olive oil can bring back the gloss poured on a clean and soft piece of cloth. Wipe it down through your dashboard and watch how it brings back the shine and gloss to the surface that was originally there when you brought the car home.

Charcoal Kicks Out Bad Odours

A car carrying people for days, months and years along with food items and other objects is most likely to catch some odour. Human body sweat, an old air-con, pulls up together in building up a lot of moisture. A bag of charcoal placed in the car for a couple of days can show its effects in its capacity of removing the moisture and its odours.

Winding Up:

All these above tricks are temporary solutions that can patch up for the time being, but a car as classy as Mazda needs a professional hand from somewhere like the Mazda dealership near Seaside

for its maintenance in due time, that it surely deserves.

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